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Craftsmanship with passion – authentic, innovative and high-quality.

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Udo Ochendalski develops visionary special parts for bike enthusiasts in his company, NC-17. The trained master lathe operator has been supplying specialist bike retailers with special parts for twenty years. Today the master craftsman who manages the business still remains true to himself and his passion for creating innovative bike components.


Udo Ochendalski produces handlebars, saddle posts and other »high end« components – as light as possible and exceptionally sturdy, but always following his own drafts. This makes his designs and products so unique. The master craftsman believes that everything is subject to the law of leading and following. So it was time to create a visual appearance to reflect the strength and independent identity of the company.

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In discussion with the company founder, Udo Ochendalski, it quickly became clear that a design was required to distinguish it from others on the bike market. So coleo design concentrated entirely on the product as a work of art and put the NC-17 brand through a radical relaunch. The aim was to reinterpret the brand, communicate its position and provide flexible elements for its appearance. 

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Hard Facts

SKILL AREA Corporate Identity
FONT Klavika
Promotional materials
Exhibition stand


The product becomes the work of art; the brand showcasing becomes the presentation. The new brand appearance is as unique and independent as NC-17 itself. The striking colours red, black and white provide the basis; minimal building kit, maximum combination options. The new design mark in the logo has high recognition value. coleo design was responsible for all steps, from positioning and definition of the new appearance through to implementation of all measures.

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»Everything is subject to the law of leading and following. If you are standing on an innovation plateau and looking forwards, you will see nothing. If you turn around you will see hosts of people waiting to find out what the next step is. There is no copy without the original. You cannot let yourself be distracted from the creation process – neither by the market nor by representatives.«

Udo Ochendalski
NC-17 Managing Director
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