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Since 2010, FOND OF has been about enthusiasm. For products, brands, design, sustainability and above all for people. FOND OF wants to be a companion when little worlds get bigger. With Affenzahn, FOND OF accompanies little explorers of kindergarten age. Design, functionality and sustainability are particularly important to FOND OF, because the goal is to reconcile the needs of children and parents with being considerate towards our environment.

Coleo Showroom Affenzahn Logo

Freedom on wheels

For coleo design, the Affenzahn adventure started in 2019. The goal was to develop a balance bike that focuses on enjoying the ride. For children, mobility means freedom, independence and, of course, fun. They have an irrepressible urge to get ahead: first on all fours, then on two legs, and finally as quickly as possible on wheels.

Our plan was to create a balance bike that is fun, safe and innovative. The geometry and child-friendly design are therefore tailor-made for small beginners. The wide handlebars provide more control and easy steering. The frame is machine-made in Germany from a plastic and glass fiber mixture (PA/GF) using an innovative water injection molding process (WIT). As a result, it has no unattractive welds and features dynamic design elements that would not be feasible with conventional frame manufacturing processes.

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For FOND OF and coleo design, innovation also also stands for sustainable use of resources. Therefore, the frame is made of 100% recyclable material. Manufacturing the fiberglass-reinforced frame from polyamide produces fewer CO2 emissions than manufacturing a frame of the same mass from aluminum.

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A large front wheel, a low step-in and steering angle limiters: these are just three of the many clever features that support riding stability, control and fast learning. The balance bike is equipped with a 12" rear wheel and a 14" front wheel, making it easier to traverse obstacles. In addition, the tire tread leaves a great Affenzahn track.

Design to fall in love with

The child-friendly frame design makes it easy to get on and off the bike. For optimal support, the comfortable saddle is shaped like a tub and can be individually adjusted. The fun animal badges and bright colours ensure that eyes light up even before the ride. Whether bright color or casual black, the bikes are a real eye-catcher due to the four animal designs unicorn, tiger, shark and panther.

Hard Facts

size 88 x 53 x 47 cm (W/H/D)
weight approx. 3900 g
frame material aluminum
handlebar material aluminum
body size 85-110 cm
age 1,5 + years
maximum load up to 30 kg