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Made from one cast. Made to last.

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Advanced wants to inspire people to change their mobility behavior. That's why they've been building high-quality e-bikes since 2011. Made in Germany. They pioneered in an industry that is now growing stronger than ever, greatly contributing to making our mobility more sustainable. The proof: the world's first 100% recyclable bike frame is produced by Advanced – driven by the will for real progress. Every day, Advanced works on new concepts, new technologies and on bringing them to life through their brand and marketing. They are owner-managed, work in an agile way and are 100% convinced of what they do.

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Fascination Cycle

90% of today's bicycle frames are made of aluminum or carbon and are produced in Asia in very energy-intensive processes. They then travel long distances, only to end up back in Asia - in the trash. That's really not how sustainable mobility works. The planetary boundaries cannot be moved. We must avoid emissions and conserve resources. A world without waste and garbage must not remain an utopia. Closed cycles are the solution for truly sustainable e-mobility.


With Reco, Advanced has reinvented the e-bike frame. A bicycle frame is created with the Advanced composite granulate using complex injection molding technology. After its service life, it can simply be ground up, melted down and manufactured into a new frame or component. These frames can be easily and 100% recycled. Old e-bike frames can be used to create new frames or components. 100% recyclable frames made from recycled material. Made from one cast - made to last forever. High quality components for performance & longevity. Produced in Germany with 30 year frame warranty from Advanced.

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Aesthetics and sustainability combined in a frame with a striking shape from a single mold. Positive side effect: exceptional sound- and shock-absorbing properties. No weld seams, thanks to the innovative injection molding concept. Convincing design implemented in a subtle, striking frame design without compromise.

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Hard Facts

DESIGN Weld-free
RECYCLABLE RAW MATERIAL Advanced Composite Granules
FRAME 100% recyclable
-68 % CO2 emissions during frame production
EN15914 tested!
Tool weight 17 tons
Coleo Advanced Showroom Award

»Being advanced means going ahead and focusing on what's important: people and the environment.«

Helge von Fugler

Founder & CEO

» .... Suffice it to say, the innovative frame is super comfortable!«